Hey there!


I have always been a massive child at heart. As a young girl, my Mum recalls me walking up to strangers in the shopping centres and giving hugs to anyone in sight. As I have gotten a little older, my childlike spirit has only enlarged.

Over the years, I love the fact that the little things are often those we look back on and realise that they are, in fact, the big things. Some of life’s best moments are created when we do not have a plan.

It’s all about capturing the stories between frames.

Kodo is not just about capturing snaps or a pretty film for your Instagram. It’s about capturing the emotions, the history and the journey of each family filling the frame. My sessions are designed so that you do not have to worry about colour coordinating outfits or forcing smiles. Rather, we just have a giant play date. There is no pressure for your kids to be on their perfect behaviour.

Just come as you are.

In the lead up to your session, I focus solely on connecting with who you are, your story, your traditions and what makes your family, YOU. It is then my absolute joy to capture your story in a short film/photographs and create tangible memories for you to pass down through generations.

My families value emotion, heart and soul. They understand that family photographs/films should be effortless and they should feel no pressure to be someone they aren’t. They place value on creating photographs that they can feel and touch, and preserving memories in family films that they can replay over and over.

Your family matters.

Let’s capture it.