A B O U T . 

Well hello! I am Melody, and I’ve been snapping photos since I was a walking bub with a film camera in hand. With over 6 years experience, it has become less about capturing random objects and more about documenting the stories and moments of people

Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by distorted and heavily retouched images of people in the media. I witnessed the negative effect it had on my family and friends, and so birthed a level of passion and determination that I just could not shake from my bones. I was determined to be a solution to an emerging issue, and so Kodo Creative was born.

The word “Kodo” is the Australian Aboriginal word for “Melody.” Inspired by the Aboriginal culture, Kodo Creative captures the raw stories and genuine moments of real people. We place high value in kinship, heart and joy, constantly falling in love with the stories and testimonies represented through a smile or a scar. This isn’t just about photography – it’s about capturing the emotions, the history and the journey of each individual filling the frame.

That’s our story. I use “our” because this journey is not a solo one. Your stories are what shape Kodo Creative. I want to hear all about YOU.

Welcome to our journey. Welcome to Kodo Creative.